Lindsey Bundel

    Forensic Undergrowth                
    Traces of My Roommate                             
    Act of Adjusting
    Act of Mending
    Scan, You Feel Me?
    Artificial Immortality

Lindsey Bundel is a multidisciplinary artist who in the process of creating experiences an absurd romance between the endless desire to predict every possible outcome and the rewarding unpredictability that emerges when this urge is let go. 

They do not work towards a specific end product, but allow the alienation and chaos of the research to take a prominent role. With themes such as technology, nature, object and trauma, they playfully and philosophically investigate the disturbed relationship between themselves and the things around them. In doing so, they hope to make universal factors small and accessible.

💌 lindseybundel@gmail.com
︎ @lindseybundel

2022 - Gardening, Landhuis Amelisweerd, Utrecht.
2021  - Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven.
2021  - HKU Exposure, Online.
2021  - Thanks Machine, Stichting 16X, Utrecht.
2019  - Bring Your Own Beamer, Utrecht.
2019  - Wibar, Leiden.
2019  - echt_def_2, AG, Utrecht.
2019  - Cinedans Festival, Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

Publication & Press:
2022 - Next Nature: Non-human narratives with Lindsey Bundel
2022 - Kunstmatig de Podcast: Tussen ecologie en tech-tuin
2021  - Dutch Design Week: Area Sneak Peek

Notable Experience:
2022 - Internship at design studio Cream on Chrome
2022 - Talent Development Program (Kickstart Lab)