Act of Adjusting
Zine; 2021

‘Act of Adjusting’ is a zine that emerged from my ongoing research ‘Mutual Darkness of Objects’. The work contains 44 vector drawings of the bathroom mat.

Condition: I document the bathroom mat whenever I enter the bathroom and whenever I leave it again.
For one week, I documented the bath mat upon entering and leaving the bathroom. Of these, 22 bath mats were documented upon entry and 22 bath mats were documented upon exit. A total of 10 corrections were made.

About ‘Mutual Darkness of Objects’



Mutual Darkness of Objects is a research documentation, inspired by Object-Oriented Ontology, about discovering and developing a narrative from a non-human starting point. The title refers to the idea that objects never make direct contact with each other, any more than with the human mind, but require a mediator for such contact to occur. This "mutual darkness" or "mutual withdrawal of things, a term used by Heidegger, makes reality only accessible with indirect language, such as metaphors in aesthetics and poetry.

object (as tracer) ︎︎︎ traces (they capture) ︎︎︎ metaphor ︎︎︎ communicative value

Within this research the (non-human) object is used as a ‘tracer’ to trace the worlds it passes through. By observing and analyzing the object in the different networks of actions in which it is engaged, I’m hoping to extract a communicative value out of the various gestures of the object. This hopefully leads to an exploratory dialog between me, the other and the things around me.