Scan, You Feel Me? 
Interactive installation, 2019
Recycled wood, leap motion, arduino, steppermotor, scanner parts, ledstrip, webcam

Foto: Saskia de Jong

‘Scan, You Feel Me?’ is an interactive installation about the relationship between man and machine. The installation calls for your attention with its light pattern, mechanical sounds and restless movements. As soon as you stand at a minimal distance, it seems as if the machine requires physical contact. You may feel uncomfortable at first and turn around quickly or you might be curious and engage in a collaboration. What does this say about your relationship with technology?

The participant can influence the movement of the LED-bar and the visualization on the screen. What follows is a interaction between man and machine that some will experience as a frustrating fight for power and others as a peaceful collaboration. The response from both man and machine is unpredictable; there are certain patterns and rhythms, but the outcome will always differ.

Film: Saskia de Jong

Foto: Saskia de Jong

Foto: Kaka Lee

In collaboration with Saskia de Jong, Fleur van der Kaaden and Ids Timmerije